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The tail water reservoir of HPP Buk Bijela

According to the water power conditions for the peak production of HPP Buk Bijela and in order to limitde-levelling of Drina's waters through the town of Srbinje and other reservoir between HPP Buk Bijela and the town of Srbinje with the capacity of 7,6 x 106 m3. For that reason, it is necessaryto assure the accumulation of above mentioned water quantities before putting in operation HPP Buk Bijela. Taking into consideration topografical, geolocical, tecnical, hydrogeological and environmental conditions, the dam location in the town of Tabaci has been chosen, located 8,5 km downstream of HPP Buk Bijela, that is 500 m upstream of the town of Srbinje. According to the revised and adopted project for HPP Srbinje, the dam is concrete gravitational one, 40 meters high, with the traditional machine hall of the conventional type built in the dam's core, with which it forms a construction unit. Taking into consideration topographical, geological and geotechnical conditions and the position of existing motorways, following characteristics of the installation have been set up:

  • Gravitational blocks of the dam along left and right river banks are 29 and 54 m long,
  • The water evacuation 61,2 m is located closer to the right river bank and it consists in three spillway openings with the level of 1,5 m higher than the riverbed level, main and auxiliary spillway tables. Below the spillway, there is a stilling basin separated by the separating wall.
  • Machine hall is located in the dam's core on the left bank of the river Drina, 65,9 m long, 43,4 m wide and 40 m high.
  • Underneath the dam, in extention to the grouting gallery, there will be a one-row grouting curtain, 12 to 40m deep.
  • The water evacuation during the construction will be carried out through cofferdams.

Basic parameters of HPP Srbinje dam

Dam- Concrete- Gravity
Crest level (m a.s.l.)407
Constructive dam hight (m)40,0
Dam width in foundation (m)45,20
Dam width in crest (m)8,40
Basic energy parameters of HPP Srbinje
Catchment area surface (km2)4.533
Multiannual mean flow (m3/s)193,4
Normal reservoir elevation (m a.s.l.)404,0
Minimum working level (m a.s.l.)398
Total reservoir capacity (m3)7,6 x 106
Available capacity (m3)4,6 x 106
Installed flow (m3/s)450
Constructive net head (m)14,0
Turbine type – Horizontal pipeKAPLAN
Number & power of turbines (MW)3 x 18,5
Annual mean production (GWh)195