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A basis of Drina's power potential

Hpp Buk Bijela, as most upstream powr plant, will be the greatest power plant on the river Drina from the point of viewof the reservoir size, installed capacity and the mean output. Figures of basic parameters are conditioned by the position of upstream hydro power plants (HPP Piva on the river Piva and HPP Bijeli Brijeg on the river Tara), existing populated areas and the infrastructure (the town Srbinje). Taking into consideration the basic principleof maximum exploitation of the potential, while preserving the existing infrastructure, geological, technical and hydrogeological conditions, the location has been chosen at 335 km upstream of the river's confluence with Sava, that is 9 km upstream of the town of Srbinje.
Installed capacity of the hydro power plant is adapted to needs of the electric power system which this HPP belongs to.
According to the revised and adopted project for HPP Buk Bijela, the dam is a concrete arch-gravitational one, 125 m in height, with five spillway openings in the central part of the dam, with the oppurtenant structures immediately next to the dam and with the chute which goes from the spillway over the machine hall. From the geometric poin of view, the dam is a double curvature construction which consists in bloks that, after concreting and bond injection, forms a uniform dam' s body un the system of the thick core.
Underneath the dam, a three row grout curtain will be built, whereas downstream of it, underneath the dam and the stilling basin, there will be a drainage curtain.
The water evacuation during the construction will be carried out throughthe diversion tunnel 9,5 m in diameter, located in the right abutment 515m long, which will be sealed with a plug inside the axis if the grout curtain. The tunnel construction will be carried out under the protection of temporary cofferdams.
For the safe functioning of all these installations in both stages of the construction and exploitation, corresponding hydromechanical and electomechanical equipment is planned to be installed.

Basic parameters of HPP Buk Bijela dam

Dam typeconcrete arche-gravity
Crest level (m a.s.l.)503
Foundation level (m a.s.l.)378
Height of the construction (m)125
Foundatin width (m)30
Crest width (m)5
Arch length in foundation (m)82
Arch length in crest (m)447
Minimum central angle in foundation (o)51,6
Maximum central angle in crest (o)102

Basic energy parameters of HPP Buk Bijela

Catchment area surface (km2)4.044
Annual mean flow (m3/s)175
Maximum reservoir elevation (m a.s.l.)500
Minimum working level ( m a.s.l.)460
Total reservoir capacity (m3)410 x 106
Available reservoir capacity (m3)1328 x 106
Installed flow (m3/s)600
Constructivenet head (m)84,0
Turbine typeFRANCIS
Number & power of turbines (MW)3 x 150
Annual mean production (GWh)1.150